Monofocal Lenses for Cataract Surgery: Everything That You Need to Know

Before you move forward with cataract surgery, your surgeon will ask you which type of lens you want. While many people go with monofocal lenses, do not get these just because they are the popular option. Instead, find out more about monofocal lenses to ensure they are the right option for you. What are Monofocal… Read More

UCLA First to Perform SMILE in California

Dr. Hamilton, of the UCLA Laser Refractive Center, was the first surgeon in California to perform the newly-FDA-approved SMILE procedure. This procedure, SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction or SMILE, is a minimally-invasive alternative to LASIK. There is no flap creation in SMILE, as opposed to LASIK, and instead a small disk shaped lenticule is removed from a tiny tunnel incision in… Read More

Why Contacts and LASIK Don’t Mix

  If you are approved for LASIK eye surgery, your surgeon will instruct you to stop wearing your contact lenses for a set period of time. While most people comply, some think they can get away with continuing to wear the lenses. After all, it cannot do that much damage, can it? It turns out… Read More

Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK?

You’ve done a lot of research on LASIK and you like the idea of improving your vision in a matter of minutes. There’s one thing that is keeping you from getting too excited, though. You aren’t sure if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. The best candidates have some qualities in common. If you… Read More

Your Cataract Questions Answered

It started with cloudy vision and ended with a diagnosis. You have cataracts. As soon as you found out, your mind filled with various questions. Check out some common questions and answers so you will know more about your condition. Can I wear contacts after cataract surgery? This is a common question. People typically think… Read More

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