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Dr. Hamilton’s LASIK Yields Greater Percentage of 20/20 Vision than Global Average

In a recent release by SurgiVision Consultants Inc., which collects refractive data from LASIK surgeons globally, the average rate of 20/20 uncorrected visual acuity was 87% for surgeons globally. Dr. Hamilton, on the other hand, had a 99.8% 20/20 uncorrected visual acuity over this same period.

Dr. Hamilton continues to strive to maintain this extremely high standard of excellence and bring the absolute best possible results to all of his patients. LASIK requires meticulous screening and diagnostics, and Dr. Hamilton stresses the importance of finding a practice and surgeon who are held to nothing but the highest standard of care. Being able to stay on the forefront of the latest LASIK and Cataract technologies has allowed Dr. Hamilton to provide the most precise premium care possible. In addition, during his 13 years as Director of the UCLA Laser Refractive Center, there has not been a single eye infection in any of the Center’s LASIK or PRK patients, a testament to the meticulous sterility protocols put in place by Dr. Hamilton and carried out by the Center’s dedicated technicians.

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