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Dr. Hamilton Introduces Brand New Symfony Intraocular Lens Technology in Recent Webinar

On August 10, 2016, Dr. Hamilton hosted a national informational webinar to discuss a brand new technology intraocular lens implant for cataract surgery. The audience, renowned surgeons from around the United States, joined the session to learn how the new Symfony Intraocular Lens (IOL) by Abbott Medical Optics functions. This IOL is the first of a new class of lens implants called Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF). The Symfony uses proprietary technology to reduce chromatic aberration and create a focal range that reaches from distance all the way up to arms length without glasses. The lens uses diffractive optics in a way similar to what is used for the most advanced photographic lenses to reduce color dispersion (the rainbow spread of light through a prism) that can significantly degrade quality of vision. It also uses diffractive optics to create an extended focal range of continuous vision from distance up to about 66 cm (26 inches). This IOL, having already been used extensively in Europe and other parts of the world, recently gained approval by the FDA after rigorous clinical trials. It comes in a toric version as well which allows for the simultaneous treatment of astigmatism, an optical imperfection that degrades the quality of vision.  Dr. Hamilton believes this revolutionary new Symfony lens will quickly sweep across the nation and become a staple of premium cataract surgery.


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