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Monthly Archives: January 2017

How to Choose the Right Lens

When considering cataract surgery, the most significant decision that must be made by the patient and surgeon is which type of intraocular lens implant will provide the most satisfying outcome. With today’s incredible medical technology, there are a wide range of lens implant options to discuss. Dr. Hamilton recently explained his decision-making and consultation process… Read More

Dr. Hamilton Has Delivered Over 200 Lectures and Scientific Presentations Worldwide

Recently Dr. Rex Hamilton, Medical Director of the UCLA Laser Refractive Center, has been recognized as one of the premier surgeons and researchers in the nation. Dr. Hamilton has delivered more than 175 national and international invited lectures on a wide range of topics in the field of cataract and refractive surgery. In addition, he… Read More

Toric Lens Implants for Correcting Astigmatism After Cataract Surgery

Astigmatism means the cornea is shaped more like an oval than a sphere. For a cataract patient with astigmatism who doesn’t want to have to wear eyeglasses to correct the vision deficiency, a Toric lens implant can give him or her wanted independence. Those who wish to have the clarity of an Aspheric lens implant… Read More

Tips for a Safe LASIK Surgery Recovery

After you have had LASIK surgery, there are some do’s and don’ts that you have to follow to make sure you safely recover. You want a recovery period that is problem-free and you want optimal results, which is why it is good to make sure you have a solid understanding of how you should go… Read More

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