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Toric Lens Implants for Correcting Astigmatism After Cataract Surgery

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Astigmatism means the cornea is shaped more like an oval than a sphere. For a cataract patient with astigmatism who doesn’t want to have to wear eyeglasses to correct the vision deficiency, a Toric lens implant can give him or her wanted independence. Those who wish to have the clarity of an Aspheric lens implant and opt for an Aspheric Toric lens find it gives them the optical clarity that they want.

Throwing out the Glasses

Many times after cataract surgery, patients will still require bifocals or reading glasses so they can perform certain tasks, such as sewing, working at a computer, or reading the newspaper. If you have severe astigmatism, your doctor may discuss Toric Lens implants with you because they could be a great option for giving you the vision you want without the eyeglasses.

This is a major development since the Intraocular Lenses of the past couldn’t correct astigmatism. It was possible to correct astigmatism if the surgeon decided to make corneal incisions during the cataract procedure. Unfortunately, limbal relaxing incisions, as they are called, can only correct some astigmatisms. There is also no way to tell if the procedure is successful.

Fortunately, Toric lens implants have changed this. These lenses have a higher success rate for correcting astigmatism, and the outcome is more predictable. In other words, a person has a better chance of putting the glasses away after the surgery.

How Toric Lens Implants Work

Toric lenses correct the eye’s asymmetric power by using different meridians of different powers. Cataract surgery using a Toric lens implant is very similar to cataract surgery that uses a traditional lens. The main difference is the importance of the lens, which is the correction of astigmatism.

Before the surgery, measurements must be taken so the cataract surgeon can choose the most beneficial lens. The implant has to be very specific to successfully correct astigmatism. Fortunately, the lens has markers that allow the surgeon to properly place the lens. Once implanted, the lens is rotated so it is properly aligned.

Using a Toric lens implant doesn’t increase the chances of cataract surgery complications. If the lens is not aligned correctly, vision can be blurred. This is why a lot of care must be taken during the placement of the lens.

Your Los Angeles, California, surgeon will review the different brands of Toric lens implants with you so that the right one for you can be chosen.

Toric Lens Research

Since the introduction of Toric lenses, research has been conducted that shows significantly improved vision after cataract surgery. Toric lens implants have been shown to be more effective than more traditional astigmatism correction methods. In fact, one study showed that 94 percent of the eyes that received Toric lens implants had much less astigmatism than they did before surgery.

Studies have also been conducted that evaluate patient satisfaction. Many patients are highly satisfied with how they see after having the surgery. One of the most notable differences is the ability to see better while driving at night.


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