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Common Questions About Cataracts

Senior man contemplating cataract surgery, Los Angeles

Have you been diagnosed with cataracts and are weighing your treatment options? Curious about cataract surgery Los Angeles? People with cataracts are most likely 65 or older, and have been dealing with vision problems such as blurriness, the difficulty to distinguish colors, a yellow or brown tint to your vision, and sensitivity to sunlight and light glares. Your ophthalmologist has likely discussed treatment options that include prescription eyeglasses and surgery, but if you are initially overwhelmed and need a bit of time to think, know that your cataracts will not worsen overnight. That being said, there is no one answer for everyone. 

If you do not want to have surgery immediately, you can opt for prescription eyeglasses to help correct your vision temporarily. Anti-glare lenses may help you drive at night, as they reduce the halo effect from headlights shining into your eyes. Note that this is only a temporary solution. You will eventually have to decide if you want to continue driving, and when glasses no longer correct your vision on their own, it’s time for surgery. The good news is, UCLA Laser Refractive Center specializes in cataract surgery Los Angeles. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Did I Get Cataracts?

Cataracts are a common, age-related eye-condition affecting people aged 60 and over. More than 200,000 US cases are diagnosed each year and about 70 percent of people over the age of 75 have cataracts. Cataracts can be present in newborn babies, and there are health conditions (such as diabetes and glaucoma) and behaviors (such as smoking and heavy drinking) that can increase your chances of developing cataracts, but for the most part, cataracts are an age-related condition. The condition can be chronic or lifelong and is treatable by a medical professional.

How Did my Cataracts Develop?

A cataract is a build-up of protein in the formerly clear lens of your eye. Before cataracts, light was able to enter and was focused by the lens into the back of the eye, allowing your nerves to transmit the signal of what you were seeing to your brain. Cloudy cataracts obscure and distort the light coming into the eye, resulting in blurry and poor vision.

Cataract Surgery Los Angeles

Perhaps you were diagnosed with cataracts recently and are researching your treatment options. You don’t have to make an immediate decision about your cataracts, because the symptoms worsen over time. In most cases, cataracts take months, or even years, to worsen to the point of needing surgery.  The visual symptoms of early cataracts can be treated or corrected with prescription eyeglasses, but cataracts do not go away or reverse. Surgery is usually recommended when eyeglasses no longer work to correct the effects of cataracts.

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