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Five years ago this month, you implanted corrective lenses to fix 14 diopters of near-sightedness in my eyes plus a good chunk of axis twist. I had worn heavy glasses since age 6. Your work has improved my daily life dramatically. I am now 55 years old and, since the surgery, I have never worn any sort of glasses—no reading glasses, or distance glasses, or driving glasses, nothing! I can read the fine print in a phone book and see a half-mile down the road while driving. I am able to jump horses over obstacles without glasses flying off my face, and I can read journal articles on glossy paper. You are the best.

Janet Jones
Durango, Colorado

Dr. Hamilton came in [the exam room] and he said,”Can you read this line?” and I immediately went above the line, thinking I’ll never be able to read that bottom one. And I read it and I was just so excited! It was just so exciting! And that was the day after.

Geralyn P. / Multifocal IOL
Multifocal IOL Patient Experience

My only regret that I have is that I didn’t do it earlier.

Lisa S. / Multifocal IOL

Everyone before, during and after my operation was wonderful and very professional. I am very happy with Dr. Kevin Miller’s result. My vision is excellent. Thank you all!

Linda G. / Toric IOL

Dr. Hamilton and his entire staff are professional, efficient, and most importantly to me – friendly and approachable. They patiently answered all of my questions, thoroughly explained each step of the process and showed genuine care for me. They are a class act!

Judi D. / Blade-Free LASIK

Amazing results!! The staff is great! Dr. Aldave is great! Minimal discomfort hour after surgery, woke up a few hours later, went to appointment next morning, and had 20/20 vision. What more can you ask for!!?! Thanks Aldave and staff!!!

Natalie L. / LASEK

Definitely a great experience!! Dr Hamilton and his staff were very thorough in explaining the options and procedures. The process was smooth and was exactly as explained.

Scott W. / Blade-Free LASIK

I was very, very pleased with the whole process. I was accepted as a patient immediately for the consultation. There was a long list of patients before me. I was told when I would be able able to have the procedure done – that occurred exactly the month I was originally told. I went through the most extensive eye exams that I have ever experienced in my 50+ years of eye exams and glasses. I was absolutely amazed at all the things that are checked and the expediency and efficiency with which these tests were done. Extremely thorough. I was also very impressed with their ability to process their patients in a very timely manner. No sitting around for hours. Every person I came in contact with was very knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, helpful, pleasant and caring. They were not in a rush with me, answered my questions, asked if they could be of any further assistance, etc. What can I say? They were the best I have ever encountered.

Sharon M. / Multifocal IOL

I couldn’t be more pleased. The staff was attentive and made sure I understood the advantages and disadvantages of PRK. Even though my myopia was mild to begin with, I was ecstatic at the results: 20/15 vision.

Justin C. / PRK

With 14 diopters of nearsightedness plus 2 cylinders of axis, I’ve worn Coke-bottle glasses all my life. I had never seen the outline of a vision chart let alone the big “E”, been able to find my way out of a swimming pool, or awakened in the morning to anything but faint fuzzy lights and shadows. When middle aged presbyopia started, I added different prescription glasses for different activities but still had trouble seeing faces and food. At age 50, the problem became so severe that I was wearing glasses and contact lenses simultaneously to drive. Even the effort to see was wearing me down. Thanks to Dr. Hamilton, I now see perfectly without any aids. My distance vision had never been this sharp, even with glasses. Yet, I can also see every detail in faces, food, text, fine print in telephone books, and tiny needlepoint canvasses. I use no distance glasses, no reading glasses, no contact lenses. In addition to his quick intelligence and outstanding surgical skills, Dr. Hamilton is pleasant, direct, attentive, and responsive at all times. His staff is cooperative and friendly.

Janet J. / Toric IOL

This was a very positive experience all-around. On each of my visits to the LRC, the coordinators, technicians, and doctor demonstrated knowledge, care and attentiveness that were exemplary. The initial seminar was thorough and informative. Pre- and post-op instructions were clearly explained to me. All the staff were very patient and kind in answering all my questions, and Dr. Hamilton would promptly reply to my questions and concerns via e-mail. Any discomfort worth mentioning came during the YAG laser treatment, but it wasn’t that bad. As for the surgery itself, I would venture to say that it was easier than a visit to the dentist – quick, smooth and painless. So thank you Dr. Hamilton et al for the crystal-clear vision – I shall definitely put it to good use!

Kathryn L. / Phakic IOL

This is wonderful – very nervous on day of surgery but well worth it. Everyone was so caring and informative throughout the whole procedure. Thank you.

Elaine W. / Monovision LASIK

Despite feeling uneasy prior to the procedure, I would highly recommend it. Dr. Hamilton and the rest of the team put me at ease and did a great job – I’m seeing better than 20/20! In terms of the actual procedure, I just remember waking up and suddenly seeing well. Surprisingly, it was completely painless – Thanks!

Shiran S. / Phakic IOL

Thank you for making my vision super!

Jon W. / Cataract Surgery

I can see as if I’m 20 years old again!!

Rafael O. / Blade-Free LASIK

Dr. Rex Hamilton and his staff were the most conscientious professionals I have ever come across. My results exceeded my expectations! I would go no where else for my eye treatments.

Brian C. / Cataract Surgery

Everyone was incredibly professional, accommodating, and polite. All aspects, from the initial consultation to the actual procedure to the follow-up appointments, proceeded smoothly. I experienced minimal discomfort only and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

John P. / Blade-Free LASIK

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