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SMILE vs. LASIK Surgery: What’s the Difference?

LASIK surgery has long been the frontrunner in the world of laser vision correction. It’s safe, effective, and touts an extraordinarily short recovery time. But does LASIK finally have a contender? SMILE surgery, as of this writing, has only been available to the American public for a very short time. The first ReLEx SMILE procedure… Read More

Demystifying the Role of Lasers in LASIK

When most people think of lasers, the images that come to mind are of lightsabers and anti-theft systems meant to thwart burglars in the movies. As cool as they are, lasers also have everyday, but very important, roles. They assist with law enforcement, commerce, and of course with medical procedures. In the popular imagination, eye… Read More

Astigmatism Treatments and Symptoms

Astigmatism is a refractive error that can be corrected through LASIK surgery. It is a relatively common eye problem and it can occur among children and adults alike. Astigmatism is similar to nearsightedness and farsightedness. What is Astigmatism? Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is improperly shaped, making it difficult to focus light onto the retina…. Read More

Why Athletes Should Consider LASIK Surgery

Any athlete who has played contact sports knows that glasses have no place on the field. Even contact lenses can present issues during vigorous activity – dirt under the lens, the lens becoming displaced or falling out completely. Is there a better option? The answer is yes. This is where LASIK surgery comes in. Today,… Read More

Advantages of Bladeless LASIK and Traditional LASIK

With constant advancements in medical technology, patients benefit from LASIK surgery now more than ever. Like a lot of different eye surgeries, LASIK surgery has undergone a lot of transformations since its inception. While traditional LASIK surgery has always been considered a safe and effective procedure, today we also use the more advanced bladeless LASIK…. Read More

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